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Illusion is an RPG-styled, adventure, indie game made by LunaRolexLer.

An excerpt from the official Steam description (Too lazy to write description):

"The RPG in which you take control of a girl named Nawara, who lives with her adoptive father who lives as a magician (Or maybe not?) and the rest of their family. (Though they aren't related by blood)One day you both decide to fetch a magic flower. A plant which will grant you a wish for every petal it has. These flowers are very rare and usually grow once every three years. However, you will lead Nawara to fall underground, transfoming her into someone she's not and thus a person she will never recognize. With the knowledge of who she used to be and trying to overcome her new persona, it is your task to help Nawara through her journey and reuntie with her father! Of course there will be many outsiders iching for a fight in your path, but don't let that stop you from making new friends and experiencing everything else in this pandemonium filled adventure!"

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